AI Capital Limited is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company focusing on  Financial technology (Fintech) industry. We have developed an AI and Algorithmic Stock Trading engine called AI Trader, which is based on machine learning models crafted by a team of professional investors, traders, AI, and IT experts.   

We believe that trading by AI machine only cannot achieve the best profit return in most circumstances. Professional human trading strategy is still important in the design and fine-tuning of AI and algorithmic trading model. In summary, we invent the following investment equation:  

Best Return = Intelligence x (Human + Machine)

AI Trader can help investors to optimize stock selection and make a better trading decision based on the following considerations:

- Reduce Risk (high probability of Winning Trade)

- Increase Return (higher Selling Price)

- Minimize Loss (better time to Cut-Loss)

AI Trader analyzes the historical data of a stock price and devises a trading mechanism with high winning probability by finding good answers to the following three questions, which most investors are also facing.

Referring to the figure below:

1. What is the Price to Buy? (At the cross point of Red and Blue lines)

2. What is the Price to Sell? (At the green line where the Stock Price crossed)

3. When is the time to Cut-Loss? (Sell the Stock at whatever price after the no. of day since buying the stock) 

AI Trader has been developed since early 2018 and keep learning professional human strategies to fine tune the trading model. AI Trader has been making numerous trading decisions for a variety of stocks in Hong Kong and US markets and the track records are impressive.  The following three samples are the trading performance result for three stocks in US market with different type of price trend patterns.  

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